Goop, March 2017

Somewhere Warmer: Beach Escapes to Get You Ready for Spring


With cold temperatures lingering back East, it’s only natural that planning a beach getaway would quickly make its way to the top of any to-do list. For East Coasters, the stylish-yet-understated Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a relatively quick flight (usually through Miami) and offers plenty of hours for sunning on its Pink Sand Beach, leisurely dinners featuring freshly-caught seafood, and a lively music scene come sundown. (Karaoke, anyone?) Meanwhile, on the Yucatan Peninsula, while Tulum has certainly changed over the last few years, this boho stretch of shoreline remains an easy drive from Cancun and guarantees beached-out bliss in the form of white sand beaches, secret taco stands, and crystal-clear waters for a long weekend. Here, our guide for exactly how to warm up, what to pack, and how to unwind once you get there.

Harbour Island

This three-mile-long cay off Eleuthera is packed with old-fashioned Caribbean charm and incredibly friendly and chatty Bahamians, who are more than happy to share the secrets for the best conch salad, where catch the sunset, and even, if you ask nicely, the most serene swimming holes. Most guests access the network of 18th-century frangipani lined streets via golf cart or bike, adding to the island’s easygoing vibe. The island is bustling from November through July, and is mostly closed from August through October when everything shuts down.

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